Yacht Share Partners and Boat Fractional Ownership

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What is Yacht Share - Boat Sharing - Yacht Fractional Ownership - Yacht Syndicate - Luxury Yacht Sharing ?

Simply explained - It's a group of people who share ownership of yacht or boat, each paying their own part of the purchase and running costs.


Why is a Yacht Syndicate better?


In a nutshell - A bigger yacht and more luxury for your money.


Take 5 people who can each afford  £250,000 / 300,000 Euros / US$ for a 12 metre motor yacht. Each of their motor yachts will probably be left in a marina for up to 50 weeks (most of the year). But for the same outlay or capital, the 5 individuals can buy a much bigger 1.5 million super yacht.


The super yacht will have stunning berths for 5 couples and could even have two more guests sleeping in the salon. The cabins and facilities will be much more luxurious as will be the public areas allowing guests and owners all the space they need.


Best of all is that the yearly running costs will be shared between all the shareholders.