Yacht Share Partners and Boat Fractional Ownership

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I advertise my own Yacht Share project on this website ?


Advertising your Yacht Share project is only £10 GBP or US$13 in in the USA - With no end of sale commissions.

Your listing will stay live until all shares are sold or the listing is cancelled by you.





Then simply Email us the details and up to 7 pictures here



What is Yacht Fractional Ownership - Yacht Shares ?


Fractional ownership is "the division of an asset into portions or shares", offering more affordable segments for individuals and matching ownership time to actual usage time. With a fractional yacht, a group of people share ownership of the yacht, each paying their part of the purchase and subsequent running costs. Each owner has title to a percentage of the asset. If one share doesn’t provide as much time as you would like, members can buy multiple fractions. Shares can be sold or traded like any other asset. Only one owner uses the yacht at a time.


What advantages are there in shared ownership?


Shared Ownership is a solution to cater for those who want to go boating every year but are not going to make use of the boat for more than a few weeks each year. This system enables you to buy into a far higher quality boat than you might otherwise be able to afford and then to reduce the running costs compared with sole ownership by dividing all the costs amongst the owners.


Why shouldn't I buy a Yacht or boat for myself?


There are several reasons for not buying your own yacht or boat, the biggest reason being the initial capital outlay. Then there is the cost of the mooring, licensing, insurance and the maintenance. As the sole owner of a boat you would probably only use it 4 or 5 times a year which is not advisable as boats like to be used, otherwise they deteriorate much faster than if they are run regularly.


What about the yearly operating costs of Shared Yacht Ownership ?


Generally they are around 8% - 12% of the purchase price of the yacht. However, you must always remember that with Yacht Fractional Ownership, you are not on your own. Sharing ALL the costs with your co - owners is a very clever way to share the overall annual expenditure . Costs are fairly similar with Yacht moorings and maintenance so are proportionately divided between the yacht share owners. As a Co-owner you will only pay for what you own and use.


What happens if the boat has a breakdown?


If the syndicate uses a management company, it will explain the procedure. Self managed syndicates will need to contact their home base or a nearby yard, or the syndicate may use the services of  Rescue service. The cost of call-outs is normally charged to syndicate funds. Regular maintenance is the best way of reducing the risk of breakdowns when you're cruising.


Do I need training before using a shared ownership boat?


Many syndicate agreements now recommend that owners have appropriate training. Owners who have done so, generally find that it improves their confidence and the enjoyment of their boat.


Do you provide a management service ?


No we are simply a Yacht Share listing website for people to find other Shareholders


Are there any Companies that provide full management ?


Yes, Try these


 Curvelle (Luxury Power Catamarans) 


Curvelle offers seven shares in a brand new, purpose built 33x9m spacious power catamaran. With interior space comparable to a 42m monohull, the yacht accommodates up to 12 in six double cabins. Each share costs €1,430,00 and gives you five weeks cruising

split between the Mediterranean in summer and Caribbean in winter. Crew of six.




Yacht Plus offers eight shares in the Foster designed 40 ‘Signature Series’ - a 41m monohull with a distinctive modern design built exclusively for the Programme, and part of an expanding fleet. The yacht offers five suites, and sleeps 12. Purchase price for 1/8th ownership costs € 1,875,000 and gives you 30 days cruising split over Caribbean and Mediterranean.


Monocle (from $100,000 to 7 million +


Monocle represents many of the major yacht manufacturers around the world, offering a fleet of different yachts currently enrolled in their fractional program. Or you can join one of their “purchase groups” to purchase a specific model yacht at discounted pricing. Yachts vary in size, number of shares and prices.


Royal Falcon Yachts


Royal Falcon offers a 10% share in their futuristic 41m (135ft) catamaran, at a price of €4 million per share. Each share provides 4 weeks annual cruising for 10 guests, served by a crew of 10. The yachts are being created by Porsche Design Studio, and the fleet is planned eventually to be as large as 98 yachts in worldwide bases.




The concept behind SmartYacht is the same as fractional ownership of any other property; for a fraction of the cost of full ownership, customers purchase anywhere from 1/6 – ½ share of crafts ranging from 45 – 150ft for guaranteed use for 3-9 weeks in each of three seasons. The yachts are located in the Mediterranean's hot spots, including St. Tropez, Monaco, Cannes, and Sardinia or the Red Sea or the Canary Islands.



Smart Boating Australia


100% Fun – 10% Cost – 0% Hassle - Looking for affordable, hassle-free yacht ownership? It’s here!

Luxury boat share - Walk-on Walk-off service - See our current boat share options. Swimming Pools in Thailand

With a boat share you can sail your dream yacht… and still have spare cash and spare time to enjoy your other leisure pursuits.



And a nice video of the Azimut 77S